The Engineering Workshop

Derived from the engineering training center and the practical workshop of school-run factory,Engineering Workshop of Xi’an Jiaotong University was founded in October 2007as a directly affiliated institution of the university. . Now the Engineering Workshop has three regions A, B, and C with a total area of approximately 13000m2 and consists of three practice platforms: Electrical and Electronic Engineering Practice Platform, Mechanical Engineering Practice Platform and Humanistic Environment Practice Platform. The Workshop possesses 1,500 sets of instrument and equipment of all kinds, including general machine tools, CNC machine tools, machining centers, EDM wire cutting, CNC sheet metal machine tools, welding machines, aluminum melting furnaces, high-precision rapid prototyping machines, 3D printers; oscilloscopes, function signal generators, DC power supplies, digital bridges, transistor tracers, scanners, voltage testers, parameters measuring instrument, SCM simulation equipment, LPKF high-speed PCB engraving machines, Smt equipment, Festo modular production lines, chemistry plate production lines; sewing equipment, thermal transfer printers, wide-format color printers and so on. Currently the workshop has 46 staff members, including 5 teachers, 13 engineers and technicians, 26 technical workers and 2 ordinary staffs.

In the Engineering Workshop, students can practice in three formats: teaching practice, project practice and autonomous practice. On the basis of traditional metal processing practice and electronic practice, the workshop brings in measurement and control practice and adds the interest-arousing program of creative processing to initiate their preliminary understanding of equipment performance and processing craft. Every year the engineering workshop provides over 3000 practice posts of metal processing teaching and practice, over 1800 posts of electronic practice and more than 1150 posts of measurement and control practice. Undertaking the teaching tasks of “Modern Processing” (course) for 10 small classes, the workshop has published 10 textbooks and the alike.

The Engineering Workshop follows a project mode of project application, project evaluation and approval, team building and autonomous operation and management. There are 16 project teams including Robocon Robot, Fischertechnik innovation, fuel-efficient automobile and so on. Project teams also work under the operating mode of original design, independent production and autonomous management, which fully enhances students’ abilities of self-management, teamwork, sense of innovation and self-expression as well as their employment competitiveness. There are regularly over 500 students practicing every year in the workshop to practice projects. In recent five years.Students of Engineering Workshop have been honored 11 national first prizes, 12 national second prizes and more than 60 provincial prizes, among which the Robocon Robot had retained the international championship for two consecutive years.

   Characterized by “autonomous”, “opening-up”, “secure”, “sharing” and “innovative”, the Engineering Workshop is a grand stage for students to conduct practical innovation activities, in which autonomy is specially highlighted. Here students are encouraged to integrate the acquired theoretical knowledge with social practice to explore the real problems and yield their own interests as well as ideas, or dreams. The Engineering Workshop is willing to add wings to those innovative dreamers. Including noise-generating power system, metal plate roses, creative manual model, home-made anti-theft locks for dorm and others, dreams come true one after another in the workshop. In the aspect of management system and operating mechanism, all people in the Engineering Workshop have always pursuing the goal of providing utmost convenience for students in terms of skill training and auxiliary facilitation. Through the autonomous practice, students can improve themselves in three levels: the first level is the basic production techniques; the second, imitative production; and the third, creative invention. The three levels aim at the gradual enhancement of students’ innovation ability. One of the students’ inventions, the noise-generating power system was awarded the Grand Prize of the fifth National Student Contest on Energy and Emission Reduction. Among the 8 patent projects students applied, there are already 3 projects being approved as utility model patents and 1 as patent for invention. The Engineering Workshop application“’Dreamworks’ of autonomous practice for university students——construction and practice of Engineering Workshop” was honored the first prize of National Teaching Achievement Prize in 2014.

“Top-class educational idea, top-class practice content, top-class management system” are the objectives leading us to build a top-class multifunctional practice base with unique characteristics in training of students’ engineering and practice among all the universities in China. The Engineering Workshop is moving forward step by step on the way of making a difference.


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