Zhang Dinghong


Zhang Dinghong  








Member of CPC XJTU Committee and CPC XJTUStanding Committee, Secretary of XJTU Department for United Front Work

She takes charge of affairs about theunited front work in XJTU, XJTU’s Labor Union, the CPC XJTU Committee Branchesand retired staff management. The departments under her direct leadershipinclude United Front Work Department of CPC (XJTU branch), XJTU Labor Union,CPC XJTU Committee branches of XJTU’s administrative departments and RetiredStaff Affairs Department.  


Zhang Dinghong was born in April 1964 inChongming, Shanghai. She is an associate professor and got her Master’s Degreefrom the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Xi’an JiaotongUniversity, majoring in metallic material and thermal treatment. She servedXJTU as the deputy secretary of CPC XJTU Committee Branch and secretary of CCDIXJTU Commission Branch of the School of Mechanical Engineering, deputy directorand director of the CPC XJTU Organization Department, secretary of the Schoolof Management, XJTU’s vice president in charge of regular affairs. She is thesecretary of XJTU Department for United Front Work.    




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