Cheng Jin









Member of CPC XJTU Standing Committee

Director of XJTU Publicity Department

He takes charge of affairs on XJTU campusculture development, and the departments under his direct leadership includeXJTU Publicity Department, XJTU Archives, XJTU Museum, Westward RelocationMuseum, Center of XJTU History and Campus Culture Studies, Committee ofPolitical and Ideological Education Studies, and the humanities and socialsciences section on XJTU Journal.

Born in March 1969 in Xi’an, ShaanxiProvince, Cheng Jin graduated from Shaanxi Normal University, majoring inChinese Language and Culture. He is an associate research fellow. He has servedXJTU in a number of positions, such as the principal of the Primary SchoolAffiliated to XJTU and the director of the Section of Retired Staff Management.He is now the director of XJTU Publicity Department.  


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