Member of CPC XJTU Standing Committee

Director of CPC XJTU OrganizationDepartment

He takes charge of affairs on Partybuilding and organization of CPC XJTU Committee, and the departments under hisdirect leadership include CPC XJTU Organization Department, Party School of CPCXJTU Committee/Executive Education Center and Policy Research Center of CPCXJTU Committee.

Born in August 1972 in Cixi, ZhejiangProvince, Chai Wei received his Master’s Degree from Xi’an Jiaotong University,majoring in Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education. He onceserved as the deputy secretary of CPC XJTU Committee Branch of the School ofHumanities and Social Science and the vice-dean of the School, the directorresponsible for affairs of Zhongying College, director of XJTU HousingManagement Division, and deputy secretary of CPC XJTU Committee Branch of theLogistics Support Department and its deputy director. He is now serving as thedirector of CPC XJTU Organization Department.


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