zhao junwu


Zhao Junwu







Deputy Party Secretary of CPC XJTUCommittee, Party Secretary of the CCDI XJTU Commission, Member of CPC XJTUCommittee and CPC XJTU Standing Committee

He takes charge of XJTU’s affairs of discipline inspection andsupervision and the departments under his direct leadership include the CCDIXJTU Commission and the Office of Inspection.

Born in January 1960 in Baoji, ShaanxiProvince, Professor Zhao Junwu is an expert who enjoys the State CouncilSpecial Allowance. He served in XJTU as the deputy director and later thedirector of the Experimental Physics Office, deputy director of the Departmentof Physics, director of the Physics Experimental Center of the School ofScience, deputy director of the XJTU’s Laboratory and Facilities ManagementSection, Assets Management Section and Key Construction Projects and SupportsManagement Section, the deputy Party Secretary of the CPC Branch Committee ofthe School of Life Science and Technology, director of the Shaanxi KeyLaboratory of Biomedical Engineering.

Hismajor research fields: Nano-biomaterials anddevices, bio-spectrum sensor technology; medical signal detection and sensors


He has presided over several projects under “Program863 (NationalHigh Technology Research and Development Program of China)” or funded by theNational Natural Science Foundation of China, and has published over 110SCI-indexed articles. He was authorized with 3 patents for invention andreceived one first prize of the Science andTechnology Award for Higher Education in Shaanxi Province, one second prize ofthe Science and Technology Progress Award of Henan Province. He is now themember of the Technical Committee on Medical Laboratory TestingEngineering of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, the vice Chair ofthe Society of Biomedical Engineering of Shaanxi Province.








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