Lv Yi

Assistant to President Lv Yi






Assistant to XJTU President, Member of CPCXJTU Committee, Deputy Director of XJTU Health Science Center

He mainly assists XJTU’s vice presidentwho takes charge of affairs of XJTU Health Science Center.  

Dr. Lv Yi was born in 1963, he is a professor,chief physician (Class A) and a doctorate supervisor. He graduated from theDepartment of Medicine of Xi’an Medical University in 1984 and got his Master’sDegree and doctor’s Degree of medicine respectively in 1990 and 1995.

He was once the deputy director of TheFirst Affiliated Hospital of XJTU, the director of the Institute ofHepatobiliary Diseases of the First Affiliated Hospital of XJTU, the directorof the Advanced Surgical Technology and Engineering Research Institute of XJTU,and the director of Shaanxi Regenerative Medicine and Surgical EngineeringResearch Center.

Hismajor research fields: Liver cancer and livertransplantation, tumor infiltration, metastasis and extended resection inliver, gallbladder and pancreas, surgical technologies innovation by combiningmedical science and engineering


He has presided over about 20 researchprojects, such as the key project of Natural Science Foundation of China,special project of scientific instruments and general program, sub-task ofProgram 863 (National HighTechnology Research and Development Program of China), key constructionprojects of clinical disciplines of the Ministry of Health and special projectof Shaanxi Science and Technology Coordinative Development Program.

He has published 190 academic papers, ofwhich 36 papers are included in SCI-indexed journals. He also published 15papers on international conferences. He served as the editor-in-chief or editorof 5 books (including textbooks and monographs), and translated 3 monographs.He was awarded 2 first prizes as the first accomplisher of the Science andTechnology Progress Award of Shaanxi Province, one first prize for Scientificand Technological Achievements of Shaanxi Education Commission and one firstprize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Xi’an. He has 18 nationalpatents for invention and 3 utility models.

Professor Lv has won the May Forth Medalfor Outstanding Young Scholars by Shaanxi Province, the May First Medal ofChina and the title of Young and Middle-aged Expert with OutstandingContribution by the Ministry of Health. He has also enjoyed the specialallowance of the State Council. At present, he is the committee member ofSurgery Branch of Chinese Medical Association, vice director of OperativeSurgery Group, standing committee member of Chinese College of Surgeons,editorial board member of Surgery (the8th edition), the five-year undergraduate textbook for students of clinicalmedicine, associate editor-in-chief ofChinese Journal of Hepatobiliary Surgery and subeditor of Chinese Journal OF Hepatic Surgery (electronicedition).







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