Yan Hong

Vice President Yan Hong






VicePresident, Member of CPC XJTU Committee and CPC XJTU Standing Committee

He takes charges of XJTUHealth Science Center and affiliated hospitals of XJTU.  

Professor Yan Hong was born in November1957. He is a doctoral supervisor. He graduated from the Department of Medicineof Xi’an Medical University in 1979. In 1986, he got his Master’s Degree inmedicine. He acquired another Master’s Degree in clinical epidemiology in 1997and a Doctor’s Degree in community medicine and clinical epidemiology in 2009from Newcastle University of Australia.

He was once designated as vice director ofPrecautionary Medicine Department at the former Xi'an Medical University, deanof the School of Public Health, dean of School of Medial Science and Assistantto XJTU President. He is now the director of XJTU Health Science Center.

Hismajor research fields: Prevention and controlof birth defects, nutrition epidemiology, health management statistics


As a leading researcher, he has been incharge of and engaged in about 20 major research projects supported by theNatural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Health, the UN Children’sFund and the European Union. His papers published in Chinese and internationaljournals and research reports summited to such organizations as ShaanxiProvincial Government, the Ministry of Health, UN Children’s Fund amount toabout 180, of which 70 are included in SCI-indexed journals.

His research findings concerningprevention of low-weight neonates, death of new-born babies and improvement ofinfants’ intelligence development published in British Medical Journal, InternationalJournal of Epidemiology, Pediatricsand other international famous periodicals earned him the first prize ofScience and Technology Progress Award of Shaanxi Province. In addition, he alsoserved as editor-in-chief or associate editor-in-chief of in compiling 5national planned textbooks.

He now holds concurrent posts at multiplestate academic societies. For example, he is the vice chairman of TeachingAdvisory Board for Public Health and Preventive Medicine under Ministry ofEducation, the Chairman of Health Statistics Committee of Preventive MedicineAssociation, vice chairman of Chinese Health Information Association,   a member of the WHO Council for PublicHealth in Asia-Pacific region and associate editor-in-chief of Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine.He is an expert who enjoys the State Council SpecialAllowance, a winner of the title National Outstanding Teacher, an Expert with Remarkable Contributionsby the Ministry of Health and Outstanding Professor by China Medical Board(U.S.).






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