Xi Guang

Vice President Xi Guang


A member of the CPC Committee and the Standing Committee of XJTU.




Vice President Xi is responsible for international affairs, Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan affairs, and work related to alumni and researches of arts and social sciences.

He is in charge of the International Cooperation and Exchanges Department, the Alumni Relations Development Department, the Arts and Social Sciences Department of XJTU and the Science and Technology Research Institute.

Professor Xi Guang, a doctoral supervisor, was born in October 1963. He acquired his doctor’s degree majoring in fluid machinery and engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University.  He studied at the Machinery Department of the Imperial College of London as a senior visiting scholar from 1994 to 1996.

He was once the Deputy Dean of the School of Energy and Dynamics Engineering, the Director of the Science and Technology Department, as well as the Assistant to the President.

Major fields of scientific research:

Research on application foundation and engineering technology development in such fields as optimized design of fluid machinery, computational fluid dynamics, and micro gas turbines

Achievements in academia and scientific research:

He has won state-level awards such as the Second Class National Scientific and Technological Progress Award and the First Class Scientific and Technological Progress Award under the Ministry of Education. As a leading researcher, he was in charge of and engaged in some of the state key research projects. Additionally, over 40 of his SCI papers have been published.


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