Rong Mingzhe

Vice President Rong Mingzhe


A member of the CPC Committee and the Standing Committee of XJTU.





Vice President Rong is responsible for disciplinary development and personnel management.

He is in charge of affairs of the Office of Development Planning and Key Projects Development and the Human Resources Department.

Professor Rong Mingzhe, a doctoral supervisor, was born in 1963. He was admitted to Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1984 as an undergraduate majoring in Electric Engineering. After graduation, he studied further there and acquired his master’s degree and doctor’s degree respectively in 1987 and 1990. He has been teaching in XJTU ever since.

He was once the Executive Deputy Dean of the Electric Engineering Department and the Assistant to President of XJTU.

Winner of the National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, he was awarded the Distinguished Professor for Yangtze River Scholar Project in XJTU. He is a member of the Disciplinary Assessment Team for Electric Engineering of Academic Degree Commission of the State Council

Major fields of scientific research:

Basic theories and application of electric equipment, switch simulation analysis based on coupled simulation of multiple physical fields and electrical arc magnet fluid dynamics model, condition monitoring and faults diagnosis of electric equipment, research and exploitation of electric plasma and application of the relative theories, etc.

Scientific Research Projects:

He, as a leading researcher, has been in charge of over 30 scientific projects including the Natural Science Fund Project of China and some other state key research projects.

Achievements in academia and scientific research:

He has been teaching Electrical Contact Theories, Low Voltage Electrical Equipment, and Condition Monitoring of Electrical Equipment. He has won awards at the state level such as the First Class Natural Science Award by the Ministry of Education and the First Class National Technological Invention Award nominated by the Ministry of Education.

Additionally, he has been granted 13 patents and has published over 60 SCI papers and 2 academic monographs.

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