Rong Mingzhe

Vice President Rong Mingzhe







Member of CPC XJTU Committeeand CPC XJTU Standing Committee

He takes charges of affairs ofpersonnel management and discipline construction in XJTU. The departments underhis direct leadership include Human ResourcesDepartment, Office of Discipline Planning and Construction, Institute ofScience and Technology and Frontier Institute of Science and Technology.  

Born in 1963, Professor Rong Mingzhe is adoctoral supervisor. He received his B.E., M.E. and Ph.D of ElectricalEngineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University respectively in 1984, 1987 and 1990.He has been teaching in XJTU since 1990 and has once served as the executivedean of the School of Electrical Engineering and the Assistant to XJTU president.He is a Distinguished Professor of Yangtze River Scholar Program of theMinistry of Education of China, a member of the Disciplinary Assessment Teamfor Electric Engineering of Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, awinner of the National Science Fund for DistinguishedYoung Scholars, a leading fellow of Innovative Team of the Ministry ofEducation of China, a leading fellow of NSFC Creative Research Groupsand the deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulationand Power Equipment.

Hismajor research fields: Basic theories andapplication of electric equipment, switch simulation analysis based on coupledsimulation of multiple physical fields and electrical arc magnet fluid dynamicsmodel, condition monitoring and faults diagnosis of electric equipment,research and exploitation of electric plasma and its application, etc.

Researchprojects: He, as a leading researcher, has been incharge of over 30 scientific projects, including NSFC Creative Research GroupsProgram, NSFC Key Projects, projects funded by NationalScience Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, “Program 863 (National High TechnologyResearch and Development Program of China)” and “Program 973 (National Key Basic ResearchProgram of China)”, etc.

Academicachievements: He has been teaching ElectricalContact Theories, Low Voltage Electrical Equipment, and Condition Monitoring ofElectrical Equipment. He won two second prize of the National Scientific andTechnological Progress Award, a fourth prize of the National Natural ScienceAward, a first prize of the Scientific and Technological Progress Award by theMinistry of Education of China, a first of the Natural Science Award by theMinistry of Education of China, a first prize of the National Award for TechnologicalInvention nominated by the Ministry of Education of China. He has 13 patentsfor invention and has published over 160 journal papers in journals of home andabroad, of which over 60 are SCI-indexed papers. He also published 2 academicmonographs.



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