Wang Tiejun

Vice President Wang Tiejun






Member of CPC XJTU Committee and CPC XJTUStanding Committee

He takes charges of affairs on scientificand technological development, state-owned property management, procurement andbidding management of XJTU, and non-disclosure affairs.   The departments under his direct leadershipinclude Institute of Science & Technology, Non-disclosure AffairsManagement Office, Laboratory and Asset Management Department, InstrumentalAnalysis Center of XJTU, Bidding and Purchasing Management Office andPeriodicals Publishing House of XJTU.

Born in 1961, Professor Wang Tiejun wasadmitted to Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1979 as an undergraduate student. Hegot his Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Doctor’s Degree in XJTU. He wasappointed to be the vice dean of XJTU Graduate School, dean of the School ofAerospace Engineering, director of the National Mechanics Experimental TeachingDemonstration Center and director of the State Key Laboratory for Strength andVibration of Mechanical Structures. He is the winner of the National Funds forDistinguished Young Scientists. He was named as the Chief Scientist for Program973 (National Key BasicResearch Program of China), a leading fellow of NSFC Creative ResearchGroups and a leading fellow of Innovative Team of theMinistry of Education of China.

Hismajor research fields: Solid transformationand destruction, mechanics of light structures and key mechanical problems of majortechnical equipment.


He won second prize of National NaturalScience Award, first prize of Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education,first prize of Natural Science Award of Chinese Higher Institutions, firstprize of Natural Science and Technology Progress Award of Shaanxi Province andoutstanding award of Teaching and Research Achievements of Shaanxi Province.

He holds concurrent posts at multipleprofessional academic societies. For example, he is a member of theDisciplinary Assessment Team of Academic Degree Commission of the StateCouncil, member of Advisory Committee for Mathematical Sciences of NaturalScience Foundation of China, deputy director of Mechanics Advisory Board ofMinistry of Education, director of the Solid Mechanics Committee of ChineseSociety of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, vice president of Far East andOceanic Fracture Society, co-editor–in-chief of International Journal of Applied Mechanics, editor-in-chief of International Journal of Aerospace and LightweightStructures, associate editor-in-chief of Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica, associate editor-in-chief of Chinese Journal of Applied Mechanics. Heis also the editorial board member of several Chinese and internationalacademic journals.  



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