Zheng Qinghua


Vice-president Zheng Qinghua







Member of CPC XJTU Committee and the CPCXJTU Standing Committee

He takes charge of XJTU’s undergraduate and postgraduate teaching affairs and general educationaffairs. The departments under his direct leadership include XJTU’s GraduateSchool, Administrative Department for Undergraduate Education, AdmissionOffice, Student Career Center, Network Information Center, Teacher’s TeachingDevelopment Center, Physical Education Center, West China Higher EducationEvaluation Center, Military Training Studies Section, Engineering Workshop,Qian Xuesen School/College, CPC Committee Branch of Department of GeneralEducation, Department for Social Education Management, and the Primary/HighSchool Affiliated to XJTU. He also shares administration responsibility of CPC XJTUCommittee Branch of Graduate School, Student Affairs Office and MilitaryTeaching and Research Section, XJTU Communist Youth League Committee, CPC XJTU CommitteeBranch of College Students Committee, Affairs of all XJTU colleges, School ofContinuing Education and Xi’an Jiaotong University City College.

Born in January 1969 in Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province, Dr. Zheng Qinghua isa winner of the National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, aDistinguished Professor for Yangtze River Scholar Program, a leading scientistof the national “100 Thousand Program” for scientific and technologicalinnovation, and a candidate of “the New Century National HundredThousand-and-Ten Thousand Talents Program”. He is among the Creative ResearchGroups of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and takes lead in anInnovative Research Team in University of the Ministry of Education of China.

His major researchfields: Big data knowledge engineering, online public opinion monitoring

About Teaching

He offers Computer System Structure and Introduction to Computer Sciencesand Technologies to undergraduates, and Theory and Approaches of InformationSystem Modeling to postgraduates. He, along with his team, has carried outthree educational reform projects. He respectively won the First Prize (rankedsecond), the Second Prize (ranked first) and the Second Prize (ranked first inthis level) of the National Teaching Achievement Award in 2005, 20019 and 2018.His teaching team won the title of State-level Teaching Group of ComputerNetwork and System Structure in 2010. In 2008, he was granted the title ofOutstanding Teacher of Shaanxi Province. In 2011, he won the Outstanding Awardof Baogang Excellent Teacher.

About Research

He, as a leading researcher, has presided over and engaged in more than 40 projectsfunded by state-level funds or included in state-level programs, including the NationalScience Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, the National Science Foundation(U.S.), Program 863 (National High Technology Research and Development Programof China), the Major Projects of Kernal Electronic Devices, High-end GeneralApplication Chips and Fundamental Software Products, and the National KeyResearch and Development Program, etc. He also presided over the development ofSkyClass remote education system and mobile learning system with proprietaryintellectual property rights, which have already applied in remote education in11 provinces, including Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Shaanxi Province andGuangdong Province. He also engaged in research and development of a detectionand recognition system of vulgar online information and a real-time monitoringand analyzing system for online public opinions which have been applied onlinepublic opinions monitoring in college and postgraduate entrance examinations. KeyTechnology and Application for Big Data Computing and Service on Taxation, aproject presided by him, of which the result has been applied in large-scale. Allof these research results have brought sound social and economic benefits.

These research results won the Second Price of the National Scientific andTechnological Progress Award respectively in 2006 (ranked first in this level),2010 (ranked first in this level) and 2017 (ranked first in this level), and 7First Price of Scientific and Technological Progress Awards at Ministerial andProvincial-level. In addition, he has been granted 26 national inventionpatents and has published more than 230 papers.

He is also the winner of the “Qiu Shi (Truth-seeking)” Distinguished YouthAward by the China Association for Science and Technology, the Science &Technology Award for Young and Middle-aged Talents, the “May Forth” Medal forYoung and Middle-aged Talents, and titles of the State Outstanding UniversityLecturers, IBM China Excellent Teacher, Google China Excellent Teacher, LeadingWorker of Science and Technology Innovation in Chinese Information Industry,etc.