Wang Xiaoli

Executive Vice-Secretary Wang Xiaoli

A member of the XJTU CPC Committee and its Standing Committee





Vice-Secretary Wang is engaged in routine administration of the XJTU CPC Committee, as well as in the affairs of the Office of the President, as well as in the development of Party organizations, retirement, trade union operation, and cadres training.

Professor Wang Xiaoli, a doctoral supervisor, was born in Wuxi, Jiangsu province in 1956. He graduated from the School of Electronics and Information Engineering of XJTU with a master’s degree in engineering, majoring in electronic material and components. He started working in April 1974.

He now serves as the Executive Vice-Secretary of the XJTU CPC Committee, with titles of other academic societies, such as Vice-Director of Steering Committee of College Physics Courses of Ministry of Education, Vice-President of Shaanxi Federation of Social Sciences, Chairman of Xi’an Nanometer Association and Chief of Vacuum Micro-electronics and Micro-electronic Machinery Research Bureau.

Fields of scientific research:

High-performance VLSI design, integration chip system design, optical fiber communication and optical wave multiplex technology and administration of higher education.

Teaching and scientific research:

He has been engaged in teaching and scientific research at universities for over thirty years, with College Physics being the main course he has taught to college undergraduates. .

He studied as a scholar at UNCC and UTD in the United States.

As a leading researcher of the National Natural Science Fund Project, and in leading key research projects under the Ministry of Education and as an excellent teacher, he has been recognized with various awards at both state and local levels. Additionally, all his achievements have entitled him to special subsidies granted by the State Council of China.

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