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School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering

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The School ofHuman Settlements and Civil Engineering (HSCE) of Xi'an Jiaotong University wasfounded in 2005, which is the first physical school based on the concept of“Human Settlements Science” in China. This concept was proposed by thedistinguished professor Wu Liangyong, the winner of 2011 National HighestScience and Technology Awards and the academician of Chinese Academy ofSciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering.  Professor Sun Jiulin, thefamous specialist in the field of resources and environment and the academicianof Chinese Academy of Engineering, is the dean of the school.

There are fourbachelor degree programs, namely, Architecture (including Urban and RuralPlanning), Civil Engineering, Building Environment and Energy Engineering, andEnvironmental Science; three academic master degree programs (Architecture, CivilEngineering, Environmental Science and Engineering); and two engineering masterdegree programsCivil and Hydraulic Engineering, andResources and Environment Engineering and oneprofessional master degree program of Architecture. Furthermore, the schoolalso possesses one interdisciplinary PhD degree program of Earth and BuiltEnvironment Science and Engineering.  

On the basis ofscientific management research system, the research center of BuiltEnvironment  and Civil Engineering was established, which consists of sixresearch institutes, including “Institute of Regional Architecture and Urbanand Rural Heritage”, Green Building and Low Carbon City ResearchInstitute”, “Institute of Civil Engineering Structure and Building EnergyConservation Technology”, “Institute of Eco-geotechnical Engineering and HumanSettlements Innovation”, “Institute of Building Environmental and SustainableTechnology” and “Institute of Global Environmental Change ”.

Department of Architecture

The Architecturemajor of Xi’an Jiaotong University was founded in 1986, and the master degreeof "Architectural Design and Theory" was established in 2002. Thedepartment began to recruit doctoral students oriented to architectural designand theory since 2012.

In 2007, theArchitecture major passed the Chinese Assessment of the undergraduate educationof architecture (5 years) in the national colleges and universities for thefirst time. In 2008, it was rated as the “Shaanxi specialized subjectconstruction point of higher education institutions”. In 2011, the masterdegree education of architecture passed the evaluation in the national collegesand universities, and the professional master degree program of architecturewas awarded.

The department ofarchitecture currently has 39 full-time faculties including 18 professors andassociate professors. It consists of two research institutes, the “GreenBuilding and Low Carbon City Research Institute” and the “Institute of RegionalArchitecture and Urban and Rural Heritage”.

Department of Earth and Environmental Science

The Department ofEarth and Environmental Science was established in 2006, which has thefirst-class master degree discipline of environmental science and engineering,and the interdisciplinary doctoral degree of earth and built environmentscience and engineering. There are 29 full-time faculties including 9 fullprofessors and 11 associate professors. Among them, there are a ‘HundredTalents of Shaanxi Province’ and a ‘New-Century Talent’. Apart from thefull-time faculties, there are three double-hired academicians and 11double-hired professors.

The affiliatedInstitute of Global Environmental Change was founded in 2010, and the primaryareas of study include stalagmite and global change, haze and atmosphericpollution, geotherm and environment, eco-environmental monitoring andremediation, water resources, and environmental engineering.

Department of Civil Engineering (Include Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering)

Civil Engineeringmajor of Xi’an Jiao Tong University, one of the earliest civil disciplines inChina, was established in 1907. A large number of great educationists andscientists were cultivated in this major. For instance, the former principalsof Jiao Tong University, Hongxun Ling, Zhizhuo Wang, who are the mostwell-known educationists , were from here. Academicians of the Chinese Academyof Sciences and Engineering such as Guangdou Zhang, Yisheng Mao, Wanli Huang,Wei Zhang, Jing Zhou, Shuyu Feng, Jun Sun, Guofan Zhang, Jianhang Liu, and academiciansof the American Academy of Engineering such as Tongyan Lin, Yu Yang, who arethe famous experts in civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, structuralengineering, bridge engineering, geotechnical engineering, undergroundengineering, transport engineering and building energy saving fields, graduatedfrom this department Currently, the departmentpossesses 41 full-time faculties,including 1 double hired academician, 30 professors and associate professors.It is composed of “Institute of Eco-geotechnical Engineering and HumanSettlements Innovation”, “Institute of Ccivil Engineering Structure andBuilding Energy Conservation Technology” and “Institute of Building Environmentand Sustainable Technology”.