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School of Economics and Finance

School of Economics andFinance (SOEF) is a young and passionate school. After the merging of threeUniversities- Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an Medical University, and ShaanxiInstitute of Finance and Economics-in 2000, the School of Economics and Financewas founded on the economic-related majors from the three Universities. Thereare 141 full-time faculties, including 40 professors, 62 associate professors,and 39 lecturers. Many of them have received their Ph.D. from well-knownuniversities in countries like the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany,Australia, etc. Besides, the School has one member of the Young and Middle-agedExperts of National Outstanding Contribution, one member of the 7th AppliedEconomics Review Group of Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, onevice-chairman of the Ministry of Education Committee for Teaching, five membersof the New Century Talents from the Ministry of Education, five professorsrewarded with special government allowances, two members selected by the YoungTop Talents of Shaanxi Province Support Program, one member chosen by the YoungOutstanding Talents of Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi Province SupportProgram, six members approved to be XJTU-level Top Young Talents and twomembers approved to be XJTU-level distinguished teachers. Furthermore, theSchool has employed more than ten internationally renowned visiting professors.

There are nearly 2 000undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students in the School. The School currentlyhas one national key discipline (Industrial Economics), one post-doctoralstation of Applied Economics, two first-level doctorate conferring rights inApplied Economics and Statistics, 12 doctoral programs of sub-disciplines, fiveprofessional Master degrees, and five undergraduate programs includingEconomics, Finance, Public Finance, International Economy and Trade, andE-commerce. The School has one provincial and ministerial key laboratory(Shaanxi E-commerce and E-government laboratory), five provincial andministerial key research bases, one XJTU-level teaching experiment center, onenational elite course (Panorama to E-commerce), and three Shaanxi privilegedsubjects (E-commerce, International Economy and Trade, and Finance). In 2017,the School cooperated with the Illinois Institute of Technology and BusinessSchool by launching the 3+2 bachelor and master degree program. In 2018, theSchool and HSBC started a joint undergraduate program -- HSBC Elite Class forFinancial Technology. In 2019, the School co-founded XJTU Institute of NewStructural Economics with Beijing University. The School also co-founded XJTUInstitute of Flush Financial Technology with Zhejiang Hithink Flush InformationNetwork Co., Ltd. International Economy and Trade, Finance, and E-Commerce wasselected as the national first-grade undergraduate majors by 2020.

Since the School was founded,faculties have presided more than 100 national research projects, including themajor projects supported by the National Social Science Fund of China and theMinistry of Education Social Science Fund of China, and more than 500provincial and ministerial projects, totally with an annual average researchfund of nearly ten million Yuan. Moreover, they have published more than 3000Chinese / English academic papers in high-ranked journals, such as EconomicResearch, the World of Management, China Industrial Economy, and SSCI indexedJournals, and a series of books entitled XJTU Economist published by theEconomic Science Press. Furthermore, they have won more than 100 provincial andministerial scientific research awards. In 2017, Economics (SOEF) andCommercial Science (School of Management) of XJTU entered the top 1% in the ESIworld ranking for the first time, which made XJTU the fourth university inmainland China to accomplish this achievement following the achievements ofBeijing University, Tsinghua University and University of Chinese Academy ofSciences. According to the results of the fourth round of discipline evaluationissued by the Ministry of Education in 2017, Applied Economics of the School,the first-grade discipline, entered category A and ranked 8th in parallel withTsinghua University and other universities.