Schools and Colleges
Lizhi College

In July 2008, the Lizhi College was founded at the East Six Dormitory which used to be the former home of grand poetry Juyi Bai from Tang Dynasty.

The majority of the students in Lizhi College are the National Defense Students who are distributed across 10 Schools such as The School of Electrical Information, The School of Mechanics, The School of Power and Energy, The School of Aerospace, The School of Science, The School of Mathematics, The School of Materials and The School of Life Science. The College comprises 20 majors,186 classes and more than 500 students (including the PhD solders from the Forth Military Medical University).A team with well-defined duty, individual responsibility and team awareness including 8 full-time teachers, 8 academic supervisors, 8 general education supervisors and 2 physical education teachers has been established.

In accordance with XJTU’s excellent philosophies of schooling, the College sticks to an idea of education, namely, “give priority to study and develop in an all-around way”. The College motto is “Lijing Mingzhi” which is distinctively related to National Defense. We are always trying to build an atmosphere of “highly disciplined, regulations balanced, united, lively and vivid”.

The public service facilities, such as, reading room, information room, meeting room, psychological counseling room, discussion room, honorary room, coffee room, activity room and laundry room are all open for the students. The College has been constructing a study and living environment with harmony, comfort, and literature atmosphere which makes a great contribution to improve the students’ sense of responsibility, honor and belonging.

There are many student societies such as the Student Union, Chengzhi Society, Committee of Students’ living, Military Band, “Microlight”Magazine, Rowing Team, Dragon and Lion Dance, as well as Riding Society which have provided a platform for self-education, self-management, self-service and presenting themselves.

The second classroom education and practice are highly emphasized by the College. We lead the students to “Jingye Xiude, Dili Yizhi, Ruiyi Jinqu and Jingqin Qiuxue” by colorful “Non-formal community education activities”. We hope to cultivate innovative talents to “ambitious, firmnesses of mind, erudite, and strong” for national defense.