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School of Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering education at Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) originated from the electrical and mechanical engineering in 1913. Through 100 years of reforms and development, the mechanical engineering education at XJTU is an epitome of the Chinese mechanical engineering education. The predecessor of School of Mechanical Engineering is mechanical engineering department and mechanical science department. In 1956, the mechanical engineering department (named as mechanical manufacturing department at the time) moved westward to Xi’an together with the university. In 1985, the mechanical science department was created. In June 1994, the mechanical engineering department and mechanical science department merged into the current School of Mechanical Engineering.

The School of Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and strongest schools at XJTU. The school gathers numerous reputable scholars and professors in mechanical engineering, who enjoy wide reputation both in and out of China. The school is an important base for quality talents in mechanical engineering in China. Over the years, the school has graduated many outstanding talents for the Chinese mechanical engineering community. The famous scientist Qian Xuesen is one of our most accomplished alumni.

The goal of the school is to educate outstanding professionals in mechanical engineering and build disciplinary prestige world-wide. The school also vows to research and develop state of the art technologies in mechanical engineering and advance the Chinese mechanical engineering to the world arena.

The school has over 240 faculty, including 3 MOE innovative teams, 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 3 National Outstanding Youth faculty, 6 “Changjiang Scholars”, 5 “Thousand Talents Project” faculty, 1 “Thousand Youth Talents Project” faculty, 1 “Ten Thousand Talents Project” faculty, 26 MOE New Century Talents faculty, 3 Shaanxi outstanding instructors, 9 XJTU “Tengfei Talents” faculty, 72 professors, 60 associate professors, and 10 senior engineers. The school enrolls over 1250 undergraduates, over 1400 full-time master and PhD students, and over 300 part-time master students for professional degrees.

The school offers 2 first-class PhD degree programs in mechanical engineering and equipment science and technology (including 6 PhD and 7 master directions), covering 7 majors in mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechanical electronic engineering, mechanical design and theory, automobile engineering, precision instruments and machinery, measurement and testing technology and instruments, and design etc. The school also has 2 post doctoral research stations in mechanical engineering, equipment science and technology. The first-class mechanical engineering program is a key program in China, together with the 3 second-class programs in mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechanical design and theory, and mechanical electronic engineering.

The school boasts 2 state key labs, 1 national engineering research center, 8 provincial and ministerial research bases, 1 national experiment and teaching demonstration center, 4 departments, and 11 research institutes. Funded by the “211 project” and “985 project”, the school has developed rapidly and well accomplished in talent education, disciplinary building and scientific researches etc. Since 2005, the school has earned 10 national second prizes or above, 23 provincial and ministerial second prizes or above and has undertaken over 300 projects, including the “973 project”, “863 project”, key scientific and technological programs, natural science foundation programs, national defense research programs, and Ministry of Science and Technology key programs etc. Since 2008, the school has obtained three “973 projects”, chaired by dean and academician Lu Bingheng, “Thousand Talents Project” professor Wang Yu, and associate director Chen Xuefeng of Collaborative Innovation Center of High-End Manufacturing Equipment. Meanwhile, the school has gained 8 projects from the national key program on High-End Digital Lathe and Basic Manufacturing Equipment. The school has also participated into over 60 research projects and launched building of innovative platform for high-speed and high efficient processing and technique. In 2014, the Collaborative Innovation Center of High-End Manufacturing Equipment was approved, which is jointly established by the school together with Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Dalian University of Technology and 7 enterprises. The center has generated notable results in high speed and high efficient complex surface precision processing, precision and ultra-precision processing, and 3D printing etc.

Through concerted efforts, the school has carved a niche in tribology, rotor dynamics, fault diagnosis, high-speed processing and equipment, digital manufacturing, MEMS sensor, nano-manufacturing, and bio-manufacturing. Funded by the third-phase “985 project”, the school is building its international disciplinary prestige.

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