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School of Chemical Engineering and Technology

The predecessor of School of Chemical Engineering and Technology is chemical engineering department resumed in 1984. The department comprised chemical engineering, and chemical machinery teaching and research offices. In 1995, the School of Chemical Engineering was created. In 1999, the School of Chemical Engineering and Department of Environmental Engineering merged into the School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering. In 2004, the main body of the school merged with School of Power and Energy Engineering. With scientific and technological advances and social development, especially the booming energy and chemical industries, the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology was established in 2012. Currently, the school comprises chemical engineering department, process equipment and control engineering department etc. The school offers first-class PhD degree in chemical engineering and technology and second-class PhD degree in chemical engineering process machinery. The school enrolls over 400 undergraduate students, 250 master students and over 50 PhD students.

The school has a premier faculty, including 1 “Thousand Talents Project” professor, 1 National Outstanding Youth Grant faculty, 1 Shaanxi “Hundred Talents Project” faculty, and 2 Xi’an Jiaotong University “Tengfei Talents Project” distinguished professors. The process equipment and control program is reputed as the education program for exceptional engineers; the chemical engineering and technology program is recognized the “Comprehensive Reform Pilot Program” in Shaanxi. The school boasts 1 national outstanding textbook, 1 national engineering education and practice base, 3 “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” textbooks, 1 Shaanxi outstanding teaching team, and 1 Shaanxi outstanding course. In recent five years, the school has fostered numerous students who plucked awards on different scientific and technological competitions. The awards include the silver award for the Sixth Challenge Cup Shaanxi Collegiate Entrepreneurship Plan Competition, the gold award for the Sixth Xi’an High Tech Challenge Cup Shaanxi Collegiate Entrepreneurship Plan Competition, the silver award for the Network Virtualization Operation Competition, the silver award for the Eighth Challenge Cup Chinese College Students Entrepreneurship Plan Competition, the third prize for the Third National Collegiate Fuel Efficiency Social Practice and Technology Competition, and the first prize for the Fifth “Kaisheng Kai Neng Cup” National Collegiate Fuel Efficiency Social Practice and Technology Competition. Over the five years, the school has undertaken a breadth of research programs including the “973” program, “863” program, and National Natural Science Grant key program with 7 million-yuan research grants per year on average. The school has also authored over 160 articles on prestigious international chemical engineering journals, such as AIChE J、Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research and Chemical Engineering Science, published 3 books, and earned 5 provincial and ministerial research and teaching prizes.

The school has carved a distinction in 1) chemical engineering technique system integration and emission control. This is oriented toward the theory and practical applications of chemical engineering fuel efficiency and process integration, such as industrial process ecologicalization, water system integration, energy system integration, and hydrogen system integration etc. This study is taking a lead in China. 2) energy and chemical process reinforcement and amplification. This is concerned with studies of application foundation and engineering amplification of process reinforcement technologies in energy production. The technologies include coupling technology for supercritical fluid process, reaction and separation, external field coordination, and unconventional media and heat transfer etc. The research vows to address the important issues and practical demands in energy and chemical engineering and advance the application of process reinforcement and amplification technology in energy and chemical engineering. 3) green conversion of coal, oil, gas and salt resources. The research is about applications of various emerging catalytic reaction and separation technologies into petroleum, gas, salt and coal engineering to provide basic theoretical support and applied engineering demonstrations. 4) safe long-period performance of energy and chemical system and equipment. Numerous basic and applied studies have been conducted in this area to supply theoretical and technological support for secure operations of process equipment. 5) high-efficient chemical engineering process machinery and equipment technology. Theoretical and applied technological studies are conducted in regard to equipment acutely needed in the process industry to generate core equipment technology for energy and chemical engineering.

In alignment with the national strategic demands, economic and social development in central and western China, and frontiers of international chemical engineering, the school orients toward the sustainable development in energy, chemical engineering, and materials etc to further advance the advantages of chemical engineering and technology disciplines, broaden the disciplinary orientations, and establish the academic, industrial and research link. The school also vows to build and expand new programs, implement innovative education, develop educational and teaching practices adaptable to international institutions, enhance international talents education in an effort to further broaden the students’ horizon and foster quality talents with international competitiveness. The school is making concerted efforts to build high level platform for domestic and international chemical engineering talents education, scientific and technological transfer, and knowledge transfer and contribute to local and national economic growth.