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Chungying College

The ChungYing College (hereinafter referred to as College) was founded in July 2008 which was supported by and named after a world famous philanthrope, chairman of Tang’s Industrial Group, Mr. Chung Ying Tang and Chung Ying Tang Foundation. Xiaochun Xu, the Executive Director of the Foundation serves as the Dean.

The College is located at the east side of Paradise of Cambridge in Xingqing Campus which is connected by four blocks of building. A Chinese “hui” structure is displayed by each building which has eight-story. The public service facilities, such as activity room, reading room, information room, meeting room, psychological counseling room, discussion room, rehearsal room, chess room, and gym etc. are all open for the students.

Currently, there are 3045 students at College from 16 majors who are majoring in Automation Science and Technology, Nuclear Technology and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Processing Unit and Control Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Biological Medical Engineering, Biological Engineering, Life Science and Technology National Classes (Academic Masters), Management Science and Engineering, CPA, ACCA, Software Engineering, Qian Xuesen Experimental Classes, etc.

There are 14 full-time teachers at College. A thorough teaching team is established in which comprised college professors, major supervisors, general education supervisors, supervisors outside campus, together with senior students team.

The spiritual of college is “serving the society, dedicating love, considerable, circling the fire”. In the purpose of nurturing “gentleman with responsibility”, under the framework of “double college system”, the College is always pursuing the non-formal education organizations and activities. The understanding of life and cultivation of independence, the atmosphere of love and care and environment of mind communication and discipline interacting are highlighted by the College. The College has take measures by “gentlemen cultivation” plan, erudition and thinking plan, study buddy plan and independent plan to improve the general education. This is helpful to integrate the academic knowledge, science spirit obtained from the classes and their growth strongly. We are trying the most to provide well-rounded care and custom-made tutorship for our students.

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