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Jinhe Center for Economic Research

The Jinhe Center for Economic Research (Jinhe Center) at Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) was established in June 1997 with the goal of cultivating young economists to meet the needs arising from China’s reform and opening up as economic developmentas well. The center, by learning from the world's leading graduate programs in economics fromnumerousprestigious universities (in terms of administrative models and curriculum design), offers M.A. and PhD degree programs in economics. Bilingual instructions are given by well-known faculties from both home and abroad. The Center mainly recruits undergraduates with science and engineering backgrounds and strong interest in economics, as well as economics majors with strong mathematics preparations. The Jinhe Center insists on high teaching quality as well as rigorous academic standards.

The Jinhe Center emphasizes abstract theory researchthroughquantitativemethods,and performs research in application fields such astrade policies; finance and economic forecasting are also vigorously pursued.

Since its founding, the Jinhe Center has invited more than 60 well-known professors from a number of world-class universities and institutions (such as Taiwan University, Academic Sinica, Princeton University of US, Tilburg University of Netherlands and others) to teach and provide professional academic guidance to students at regular intervals.

TheJinhe Center started itsAcademic Master’s Programs in 2000 and itsPHD programs in 2003.Subsequently,Jinhe Center started toaccept sophomore transferstudents with science, engineering or economics background from Xi'an Jiaotong University in 2008.

Currently, theJinhe Center recruits 20 undergraduates annually, 15 master’s degree-pursuers and 6 students for doctoral degrees. Thus far, a total of 96 students have acquired their bachelor’s degrees, nearly 200 have acquired their master’s degrees and 26 have acquired their doctorate degrees. At present there are 60 students in the undergraduate program, 50 in the master’s program and 29 in the PhD program.  

The Jin He Center will continue to carry out innovative teaching and researches in the future to cultivate more excellent students in economic teaching and research.

In 1995, TheJinhe Center for Economic Research (The Jinhe Center) at Xi’an Jiaotong University was established.

In 2000, The Jinhe Center started the Academic Master’s Programs.

In 2003, The Jinhe Center started the PHD programs.

In 2008, The Jinhe Center began acceptingsophomore transferring students with science, engineering or economics background from Xi'an Jiaotong University.

Additionally, the Jinhe Center sponsored, organized and cosponsored the ''WTO, China and Asia International Economic Development Conference”, the "Agricultural Forum for Free Trade Zones of China and Australia" as well as other international academic conferences. In 2005 the "Financial Forum between Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits ", hosted by the Jinhe Center, received wide praise in light of its positive social effects.