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Wenzhi College

Wenzhi College was named after Mr. Tang Wenzhi, a famous master of sinology, great educator and ex-chancellor of Jiaotong University. The college was founded in 2007 and its celebrating day falls on October 16th (Mr. Tang Wenzhi’ s birthday). It is located in the southwest of Xi’an Jiaotong University Xingqing Campus. Three dormitory buildings, West 18#, West 19# and West 20#, are connected in a U-shape. it consists of a reading room, an information room, a gym, a lecture hall, a psychological counseling room, a study room, a music room, a caucus room, a tea-house, two solar-energy bathhouses, some living rooms for professors and some other public service facilities. Currently, there are approximately 2,400 undergraduates, including the students in the Youth Class, studying in 9 majors, i.e., Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation, Vehicle Engineering, Industrial Design, Information Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Structures Analysis, Aircraft Design and Law. Besides 12 full-time teachers, the college has hired part-time academic mentors, general education instructors andcareer-planning instructors to form a well-developed teaching staff.

Mr. Tang Wenzhi once said,"Only after men have cultivated fine moral characters, can they become learned men, grow into talents and be successful in their careers."Basing on this view, the college is always dedicated to helping all students in developing in an all-around way, in learningChineseculture andspecific knowledge & skills, in cultivating noblevirtue and a sense of justice. The college insists that it is important for students to emancipate their mind, bravely take on their responsibilities and be amicable. So the college puts forward the ‘Jing Qin’ plan to improve performance and training in order to improve abilities. At the same time, the college continues to explore newmodelsof educating qualified talents. The college constructs the student council as a self-management platform, and establishes a team with seniors to help freshmen. The college believes that if teachers and students work together, the lifestyle of college, ‘Learning in Wenzhi, having fun in Wenzhi, growing up in Wenzhi’ will help every student lead a meaningful college life.

Emblem of Wenzhi College

The overall style of Wenzhi College emblem is based on bronze pattern in Shang and Zhou dynasties, which reflects the rich cultural heritage of the college and the view of Mr. Tang Wenzhi “thequintessenceof Chinese culture should be preserved andthrived ”.The emblem is made up through the deforming of two Chinese characters, which looks like a bronze tripod and reminds students to keep theirresponsibilites in mind. The shield-shaped emblem suggests that everyone from Wenzhi College is skilled in using both the pen and the rifle and is adept at self-cultivationandgovernance. Purple as the main color embodies the qualities of being restrained, calm, energetic and creative in the students from Wenzhi College.

General Education in Wenzhi College

The college draws up the Comprehensive Capacity Plan to improve the ability of students in following eight aspects:communication skills, critical thinking skills, sportsmanship, civic awareness, career planning ability, interest cultivation, multicultural literacy and global-perspective.

Students can participate in a"Practice Training Course","Wenzhi College Grain Class"and"Walk & Read Plan--Voluntaryactivity&Entrepreneurial activity"to improve their comprehensive capacity. This year, the liberal education has made great progress. The college now has more courses and activities. Meanwhile more students join in these activities and have positive evaluations on them than ever before.

The college integrates its liberal education philosophy in these activities. Students can broaden their horizons, open their minds and improve their personalities through various types of themed courses and activities.

Seniors Group in Wenzhi College

Formally established in summer 2011, the seniors group was composed of hundreds of excellent seniors by layers of selection. The seniors group, regarding "mutual aid between peers and help people to help themselves" as the core idea, makes every effort to provide effective and reasonable help for freshmen in learning, life,etc., And to contribute as much as possible in making freshman blend in Jiaotong University and Wenzhi College and in adapting to college life as soon as possible. Under the concern and support of the leadership of the college, the seniors group starts from scratch, develops in exploration and has now become one of the indispensable elements in the academy culture.

The Student Council in Wenzhi College

The Wenzhi Student Council was established in June, 2011, with the aim of protecting the interests of all students. It is representative-based, and the representatives through self-recommendation or electing in each class pass on requests, ideas and complaints from students to the council. The representatives also vote on propositions at conferences and then implement those approved. The council supervises the relevant work of the student union and the college, and answer questions about the management of the college from students, to provide convenience for students’ self-management. The council serves as an important channel for communicating between student and the college.

Volunteer League in Wenzhi College

Major Activities in the Community

1. Gathering military training clothing for use in impoverished mountainous areas

In order to avoid discarding military training clothing after military training and bringing waste, the volunteers league select some volunteers to publicize the activity of raising military training clothing, to donate to poor mountainous areas at the end of the training. And they register the freshmen who plan to donate and collect the clothing in their spare time. They send the clothing to the civil administration branches and entrust these branches to give the clothing to the people in the impoverished mountainous areas.

2. Collecting waste bottles for charity

In the evening while students were in dormitory, the volunteer league members collected disposed bottles door by door. Then they contacted the scrap collector and sold the bottles. The money was donated to primary schools in the poor areas to buy stationery and books. This activity was highly praised by both leaders and students in the college.

3. Visiting left-behind children

The volunteer league sends some volunteers on weekends to communicate with the left-behind children, play games with them, guide their study, offer psychological guidance and buy stationery gifts with their own pocket money. This activity not only has brought happiness to the children, but has educated the contemporary college students to actively bear the social responsibility and help people in need.

4. Publicity for EXPO volunteer recruitment

Xi'an EXPO was a great event for local people. The volunteer league actively responses to the call of the school Communist Youth League by organizing volunteers to publicize the EXPO volunteer recruitment procedure and the method of application in Wenzhi Hall at noon and night. What is more, league members have introduced relevant knowledge of the EXPO to students.

5. Services at Xi 'an railway station

As an important traffic site of Xi’an, Xi’an railway station has the characteristics of huge floating population and total disorder. To help improve this situation, the volunteer league organizes volunteers to provide services at the railway station, namely helping solve common problems for tourists and maintain order. This activity has showed that students of Wenzhi College are as passionate for social services as for study, which is a good quality of contemporary college students.

Law Enthusiast Association of Wenzhi College

"Law Enthusiast Association", which unites students in our college who are interested in volunteer work and law, is under the leadership of the college Communist Student Union. Its aim is: “serving the students interested in law ". Its slogan is: “interpreting with reason and enforcing by law!" At present, the association has held many activities, including a moot court, a law-knowledge contest, ":Law Propaganda Day ", "Consumer Rights Day" and " Deliver Knowledge of Law to the Rural Areas " and so on.