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Pengkang College

Named after one of the previous presidents, Peng Kang, the Pengkang College, was founded in September 2006 as the first college of the collegiate system within Xi’an Jiaotong University, which opens a new chapter of cultivation reform at our university.  

In August 2008, as the collegiate system was fully implemented at Xi’an Jiaotong University, the education subjects were changed in Pengkang College, forming a basic scale of over 3400 undergraduates of 18 majors from the School of Energy and Power Engineering, the School of Electronic and Information Engineering, the School of Science, the School ofMathematicsand Statistics as well as the School of Foreign Languages. The communication and collision between different disciplines such as science, engineering, arts and medical science have provided a broad space for students of Pengkang College to study and improve.  

Pengkang College devotes itself to offering high-quality general education and personalized advisory service for students. It tries to impress students imperceptibly by applying cultivation systems such as Leadership Training, Students Development Project and Academic Counseling. Characterized by cultural education and student autonomy, Pengkang College provides students with various cultural community activities as well as a platform for self-education, self-management and self-service.

The main buildings of PengKang College, the U-shape buildings including “East No. 18”, “East No.19” and “East No.21”, are located at the southeast corner of the Xingqing campus of Xi'an Jiaotong University. The unique community culture becomes the beautiful scenery in students’ lives.


Active thinking; Active learning; Active living



The emblem of the college has in use since 2007. The main body of the emblem consists of the ring-form Chinese character “自”(Zi), a water drop, “Soaring Tower” and three layers of bed stones.The ring-form Chinese character “自”(Zi)indicates encouragement for students’ autonomy, and implies the emphasis on the cultivation of students’ independent and resolute spirit. The image of water drop represents the fine tradition of Jiaotong University with its long history of over 100 years: “One should think of the source when he drinks water”. The image of the “Soaring Tower” symbolizes the Pioneering role of PengKang College in the collegiate system of Xi’an Jiaotong University. The three layers of bed stones reflect the three parts of the college motto put forward by former president Peng Kang: “Active thinking, active learning, active living”. “2006” refers to the year of the College’s establishment. The circular outline symbolizes the united, warm family atmosphere of the College.


Aiming at comprehensive development of students, Pengkang College focuses on students’ education in terms of firm ideals and beliefs, a strong sense of social responsibility, a broad international perspective, as well as outstanding leadership and noble personality.


Pengkang College will further improve the general education and will practice within an innovative education mode, form a characteristic college culture system, and build a platform for students' comprehensive quality training. By the year 2020, Pengkang College will be developed to a unique, charming, leading-edge and high-quality college.


Address: No.28, Xian Ning West Road, Xi’an

Post Code: 710049

Tel: 029—82665793