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Chongshi College

Dean of Chongshi College: Lu Tianjian, winner of China Young Scientist Award

Deputy Director of Chongshi College Affairs Committee: Xu Chunxiu, 82665307

College Affairs Committee: West-17 Dormitory

Covering a wide range of majors of sociology, materials engineering, civil engineering, architecture, environment, Chinese literature, philosophy and economics, Chongshi College, one of the most featured colleges in Xi′an Jiaotong University, was established in July 2008. It is located in West 17 and 18 Dormitory at the south-west of the eastern campus .There are 8 full-time counselor teachers and 1,600 undergraduates specializing in 12 different majors from 4 departments or Schools. Dean of Chongshi College, Lu Tianjian, the former Vice President of Xi′an Jiaotong University, serves as the president of our college. Renowned world wide in mechanics domain, he has become one of the most influential figures in Chinese scientific field.

Holding the educational philosophy of “value morality and Knowledge, cultivate students strong at both study and physique”, Chongshi College earnestly forges favorable learning atmosphere and combines science and arts to improve the students’ comprehensive abilities. An academic counseling system was established, with academic advisers, head teachers, and a senior-student union providing guidance.

There are also a lot of clubs for students to enrich their extra curricula life, such as starry-sky girls club, movie club, painting and calligraphy association, art lovers’ club, and cheerleader club etc. Besides, the sports teams including the football team, the basketball team, the volleyball team and other have organized a series of colorful recreational and sports activities. In addition, the gym, the reading room, laundry section all bring great convenience to the students’ life and study. Moreover, Chongshi College has also supported financially three start-up teams, namely “Savoring Coffee”, “Oriental Start-ups Alliance”and “South Gate of XJTU”. 

The College has established a College Affairs Committee, consisting of leaders of the college, professors and student representatives. Its aims include setting policies conducive to cultivation of talents with international vision and establishing a scientific and standardized service mechanism so as to reach its ultimate goal of development.