President’s Message
    New Year Greetings to XJTU Alumni

    New Year Greetings to XJTU Alumni


    Dear all XJTU fellows and alumni,

    At the end of Jiawu year when the Yiwei year is approaching, we extend to you and your family our warmest greetings and best regards, on behalf of XJTU faculty and students.

    It’s been nine months since we took up our posts. Being handed over the mission of further developing XJTU, we feel a strong responsibility and a desire to combat challenges. We will marshal our courage and steer XJTU faculty, staff and students through challenges and difficulties to capitalize our advantages, to keep XJTU excellence, to overtake, and to lead innovations, honoring the responsibilities conferred by the country and its people.

    At present, XJTU enters into an important stage with unrivalled opportunities for pioneering its undertaking in the past. Slow actions bring slowdown and inactions result in a dead end.  The prospect of XJTU could be foretold by its growth only. We are rethinking and redirecting the role and impact of XJTU in the country’s campaign for deepened all-round reform and innovation-driven development in an attempt to conceptualize the strategic layout and orientation of concentration. The ranking of XJTU is a concern for all, leveraging the views of the alumni and society toward XJTU. Therefore, the most acute task we are facing now is to analyze our merits and flaws, modify and optimize disciplinary structure, bolster disciplinary building and cultivate overall competitiveness. Thanks to the vigorous support from the central and provincial governments, XJTU has launched the West China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor project and earned approval from the country for the Collaborative Innovation Center for High-end Manufacturing Equipment. The key to a challenge lies in confidence building and decisiveness. One of the legacies of XJTU fostered over the centuries is to confront the reality and challenges with courage and proactiveness and practice devotion and diligence to eventually fulfill the values of XJTU bestowed by an era. Where there are concerns, attention and demands from the central government, the country and the society, there are people of XJTU and more impressive contributions they made.

    The XJTU distinction is heir to its evolution in the past centuries and a spiritual lighthouse for us in the days to come.  By the year 2016, XJTU will have witnessed two jiazi (a jiazi is 60 years).  Those two 60 years create an invaluable record for a university in the history of the Chinese higher education. They are distinct in historical context and contribution. In the first 60 years, the XJTU predecessors made a major difference in the great endeavor of building the Chinese modern higher education; in the latter, the commitments to western relocation built new heights of XJTU achievements in western China and the country as well.  XJTU alumni additionally reinforced the reputation by great excellence and accomplishments in different fields. They take their learning at XJTU as a great asset and feel pride of their bonds with XJTU.  Against the backdrop of economic integration, rapid internet development and the Chinese campaign for rejuvenation, XJTU is about to embark upon the third 60th year. XJTU is preparing the celebrations for the 120th anniversary of Jiaotong University, and the 60th anniversary of its western relocation. The goal of the event is to optimize teaching practices, carry on the traditional excellence, and gather resources and networks to produce tangible and intangible results.

    The alumni is the practitioner and heir to teaching and spiritual legacies of XJTU, the witness and think-tank of XJTU reform and further development, the role model of enrolled students, the talent repository of XJTU endeavors, and the connections of XJTU for international outreach. Their attachments to XJTU result from their affections, while their aspirations for XJTU are to build its excellence in the world.  Their ever-growing affections, plus the strong desire to bond and connect, will inject strong incentives to our undertakings. XJTU vows to foster with our alumni a network in which XJTU commits to alumni and vice versa to gain mutual support and growth. XJTU sincerely hopes our alumni could reinforce support and commitments and strengthen cooperation to achieve win-win apart from accomplishing our goal.

    On our shoulder, XJTU feels a strong obligation to our alumni. XJTU has always made commitments to their work, life and learning. XJTU would take this opportunity to thank them for their unrelenting efforts to support the building and development of XJTU. We expect to strengthen our connections of different ways and encourage our alumni to readily raise their demands and appeals. We feel deeply obligated to serve our alumni.

    XJTU has withstood the volatile changes in the past two 60 years and forged brilliant achievements in a span of three centuries.  We are willing to take our responsibilities with a great respect to the past and dedicated to fostering a new chapter with a forward-looking vision.  XJTU will further commit to its different initiatives and will bolster its impact in the society together with our alumni. We vow to do everything we can to honor the expectations of our predecessors and alumni.

    Finally, XJTU wishes our alumni a happy new year, full of personal and professional success!

    Chairman of University Board: ZHANG Maizeng

    President: WANG Shuguo