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New technology provides long-term stable energy source for wearable devices

April 01, 2024
  L M S

With the continuous development of internet of things sensors and electronic devices like wearable smart watches and smart glasses, providing self-sustaining power sources for these miniaturized devices is becoming increasingly important. Professor Liu Ming's team at Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) recently developed a new technology that holds promise for providing a long-term stable energy source for wearable devices.

Wearable device batteries on the market are not yet capable of long-lasting battery life and require frequent recharging for normal use. However, Liu's team has developed a new method for constructing piezoelectric nano-generator composite film.

This film utilizes energy generated by bending to provide both harvesting and supplying functions. Durability tests have shown that even after 2,000 bending cycles, the device can still maintain a stable output of approximately 15 volts. In the future, wearable devices equipped with this technology will have a continuous and stable energy source.

Liu's team has made breakthroughs in material properties and application scenarios, from capturing energy to efficient storage and utilization, providing new insights into the development of novel flexible electronic devices.

The preparation of bulk materials and the development of device prototypes have already been completed for the film. In the future, it will be applied in more scenarios.