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XJTU research team makes progress in piezoelectric drive research

February 23, 2024
  L M S


The piezoelectric metasurfaces and their application in adaptive optics.

Piezoelectric materials play a crucial role in applications such as precision driving due to their ability to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. With systems like robot vision, precision optical instruments, and micro/nano manufacturing equipment moving towards high integration and intelligence, achieving precise multi-axis motion control in confined spaces has become a critical issue that urgently needs to be addressed.

Addressing the aforementioned issue, a research team, including associate professor Gao Xiangyu and professor Li Fei from the Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering at Xi'an Jiaotong University, proposed the design concept of piezoelectric metasurfaces, offering a new approach for multifunctional piezoelectric driving methods.

Based on this design, the team utilized high-performance transparent piezoelectric single crystals to develop a miniature adaptive zoom lens with focusing and stabilization functionalities. This provides a design solution for multifunctional integrated intelligent optical systems.

The research team recently published a paper titled "Designing transparent piezoelectric metasurfaces for adaptive optics" in Nature Communications.

The primary author of the paper is Qiao Liao, a 2023 graduate from the Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering at XJTU, while the corresponding authors are associate professor Gao Xiangyu, professor Xu Zhuo, and professor Li Fei from XJTU.