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XJTU team shines at dragon and lion dance competition

February 23, 2024
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The Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) dragon and lion dance team achieved sixth place overall and ranked first among international student teams in the 4th Chinese Traditional Dragon and Lion Dance International Competition and the Chinese Traditional Sports International Championship, which was held in Changsha on Feb 20.

The team consisted of eight international students from countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, such as Tajikistan, Congo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Myanmar, and Indonesia.


XJTU's team ranks first among the international student teams at the competition.

The participating team was formed less than a month ago and this was their first competition. The members faced the pressure of tight deadlines and heavy tasks, which motivated them to work even harder. Before the competition, they dedicated over 3 hours a day to training.


The participating team trains hard for the competition.


The team members deliver a splendid performance, earning applause from the audience.

Mentioning their win, the team members were very excited. A student from the Congo, who took on the role of leading the dragon, expressed that initially joining the dragon and lion dance team stemmed from his curiosity and admiration for traditional Chinese culture. His understanding and emotional connection to local culture have deepened thanks to days of diligent training.