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Memorial garden to commemorate Qian Xuesen unveiled

December 25, 2023
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The unveiling ceremony of the Qian Xuesen Memorial Garden was held at the Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbour (iHARBOUR) of Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) on Dec 22.


The Qian Xuesen Memorial Garden is unveiled on Dec 22. 

Before the ceremony, Lu Jianjun, Party secretary of XJTU, met with Qian Yonggang, honorary dean of Qian Xuesen Honors College at XJTU and son of Chinese aerospace engineer Qian Xuesen.

They had exchanges and discussions focusing on talent training and scientific research.

Lu extended a warm welcome to Qian's visit. He said that as an outstanding alumnus, Qian Xuesen was a people's scientist who made immortal contributions to the rise of the Chinese nation.

The school is set to inherit the spiritual wealth of Qian Xuesen, explore new paths, models, and methods for selecting and training top innovative talents, and promote the integrated development of education, technology, and skills.


Lu Jianjun (right), Party secretary of XJTU, meets with Qian Yonggang (left), son of Qian Xuesen.

Qian Xuesen has been closely connected with education throughout his life, and his wisdom and thought provide an idea for cultivating innovative talents and educational reform, his son said.

As Qian Xuesen's alma mater, XJTU has actively explored the cultivation of top innovative talents for many years and achieved remarkable results in practice. He added that the school is expected to cultivate more top-notch innovative talents.


Qian Yonggang, son of Qian Xuesen, gives a speech. 

At the unveiling ceremony, students from the school art troupe recited a poem affectionately, recalling Qian Xuesen's glorious lifetime.

Qian Xuesen Memorial Garden mainly consists of basic construction, environmental greening, and Qian Xuesen's sculpture body. The design concept comes from the graduation badge designed by Qian Xuesen himself in 1934.