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XJTU professor wins 'Sanqin Friendship Award'

December 18, 2023
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XJTU's Professor Sergio Amedeo Pignari is recently awarded the "Sanqin Friendship Award" for the year 2023.

Professor Sergio Amedeo Pignari, an Italian expert serving as the executive vice-dean of the Joint School of Design and Innovation at Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU), was recently awarded the "Sanqin Friendship Award" for the year 2023.

The award ceremony was attended by Xi Guang, vice-president of XJTU, and Shan Zhiwei, assistant president of XJTU and dean of the Joint School of Design and Innovation, and presided over by Liu Wenfeng, director of XJTU's International Office.

The "Sanqin Friendship Award" is the highest honor established by the Shaanxi Provincial Government to recognize foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of Shaanxi province.

The award is aimed at promoting exchanges and cooperation between Shaanxi and foreign countries in various fields, such as economy, science and technology, culture, education, and healthcare.

Professor Pignari is a globally renowned expert in the field of electrical engineering and a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He currently also serves as the president's representative at Politecnico di Milano, and the liaison representative and professor for the "University Alliance of the Silk Road" at Politecnico di Milano.

In addition to the "Sanqin Friendship Award", Professor Pignari received the "Outstanding Foreign Expert Award" from Xi'an, the provincial capital, in 2020.