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Xi'an Jiaotong University Hosts Nature Portfolio Training Seminar Series

November 17, 2023
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On the morning of November 14th, the 'Nature Portfolio Training Seminar Series,' organized by the Graduate School (Postgraduate Affairs Department), Department of International Cooperation & Exchanges, University Youth League Committee, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of International Education, and the Association of International Students of Xi'an Jiaotong University, and hosted by the Graduate Student Union and Doctor Union, was successfully held at the New Port Auditorium of Innovation Harbor. The event featured Dr. Jeffrey Robens, the Chief Trainer of Nature Portfolio, as the guest speaker. It attracted over 400 young faculty members, domestic graduate students, and international students from various schools. Professor Shan Zhiwei, the Assistant to the President and Dean of the School of Materials Science, had a meeting with Dr. Jeffrey Robens and his team before the event to discuss further advancing the university's research services with Nature.


A key concern for researchers has always been how to increase the citation rate of their articles to enhance the academic impact of their research. Dr. Robens shared practical strategies to maximize the visibility of articles and enhance the impact of published research, starting with the title, keywords, and abstract. Through vivid examples, he discussed how to accurately identify the key elements of an article to amplify its research impact, thereby enhancing academic reputation and supporting career development.

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During the interactive session, Dr. Robens engaged in-depth discussions with students on topics such as paper writing, journal selection, and the application of artificial intelligence technologies like ChatGPT in academia, offering profound insights. The students expressed that they greatly benefited from Dr. Robens' sharing. A student named Zhang from the School of Human Settlements said, 'Previously, I only focused on writing and publishing papers. Today's seminar made me realize that to enhance academic influence, it's important to ensure that the research stands out in databases to be discovered, clicked, read, and cited. Dr. Robens' insights greatly broadened my perspective.'


This event provided a platform for international academic exchange for our university's graduate students and was a vivid practice in promoting the internationalization of our academic environment. It expanded the students' academic horizons and deepened their understanding of how to increase the academic impact and reputation of their research post-publication. It is reported that the Graduate School and other departments will collaborate with the Graduate Student Union and the Doctoral Student Association to host more training seminars, supporting the research endeavors of the graduate students.

Contributed by: Graduate School (Postgraduate Affairs Department), University Youth League Committee, University Graduate Student Union, Doctor Union.