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XJTU powers ahead with cultural exchanges

November 09, 2023
  L M S

The inauguration ceremony of the Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) Media Alliance Matrix was held at the Multimedia Center of Innovation Harbour on Nov 8.

To promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning, XJTU has invited representatives of domestic and international students and faculty who possess a cross-cultural perspective and a passion for sharing experiences to serve as global envoys, aiming to amplify the voices of the Generation Z.

Through diverse experiences in academic exchanges, cultural exchanges, and humanistic exchanges, these global communication envoys will convey open, inclusive, diverse, and authentic stories about XJTU and China to the world.

During the event, the XJTU Global Communication Envoy Program was officially launched. Following the ceremony, participants visited the Multimedia Center, gaining detailed insights into the development and operations of the multimedia platform, program production, technological applications, and information dissemination.


XJTU establishes the Media Alliance Matrix.


The first group of instructors of the media alliance matrix are issued letters of appointment.


Chinese and foreign global envoys are awarded letters of appointment.