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XJTU scientific research team releases new hydrogen storage materials

September 13, 2023
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Xi'an 1908 New Energy Technology Co releases its new hydrogen storage materials and hydrogen power supply products during the event.

The Qinchuangyuan Technology Achievement Industrialization and New Hydrogen Storage Materials and Hydrogen Power Supply Product Launch Conference was held at the Xixian International Conference Center on Sept 10, with relevant officials attending.

The conference was hosted by Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) and the Xixian New Area Administrative Committee and organized by the Qinchuangyuan Innovation Promotion Center and Xi'an 1908 New Energy Technology Co (1908 New Energy).

At the conference, Professor Cheng Yonghong from XJTU and founder of 1908 New Energy unveiled the latest technological achievements in the hydrogen storage field.

Yan Xinrong, general manager of the Huadian Electric Power Research Institute Co, said that the solid-state hydrogen storage materials technology developed by 1908 New Energy provides Huadian with more cost-effective, efficient, and secure solutions in areas such as large-scale hydrogen storage and transportation and grid-connected electricity generation at the megawatt level.

During the event, 1908 New Energy signed project implementation cooperation agreements with five parties including the Qinchuangyuan Innovation Promotion Center and Beijing Kaiyun Motors Co.

These agreements aim to facilitate further collaboration on projects related to large-scale hydrogen energy storage and transportation demonstrations, the promotion and application of solid-state hydrogen storage technology in hydrogen refueling stations, and mobile hydrogen refueling, among other things.

Xixian New Area attaches great importance to the development of the hydrogen energy industry. As of now, the area has attracted and established 43 enterprises in the hydrogen energy industrial chain. The hydrogen-related projects will play a significant role in strengthening and expanding the hydrogen energy industrial chain in the new area.