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Shaanxi's first set of hydrogen fuel cell stack products released

August 16, 2023
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An event for the industrialization of academician scientific and technological achievements of Qinchuangyuan innovation-driven platform and the unveiling ceremony for the first set of hydrogen fuel cell stacks in Shaanxi province were held on Aug 15.

At the event, Tao Wenquan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University, provided a detailed introduction of the performance indicators, advantages, and application scenarios of the fuel cell stack products.

By leveraging the Qinchuangyuan innovation-driven platform and the National Innovation Platform (Center) for Industry-Education Integration of Energy Storage Technology, and with a focus on enterprise demands, he pledged to increase investment in basic research and guide the transition from fundamental research to industrial application.

A hydrogen fuel cell stack is a site of electrochemical reactions and serves as the core component of a hydrogen fuel cell system, maintaining the entire fuel cell system's energy output process.

The hydrogen fuel cell stack, jointly developed by Professor Tao Wenquan's team in collaboration with Shaanxi Hydrogen Dawn Technology Co, has a maximum single-stack power of up to 82.3 kilowatts, with a volume power density of 3.58 kilowatts per liter, among the highest in the nation. It features stability, high efficiency, cleanliness, and zero carbon emissions.

As a core component of fuel cell systems or fuel cell engines, the hydrogen fuel cell stack unveiled can be applied in various commercial vehicles, including fuel cell buses, 4.5-metric-ton fuel cell refrigerated trucks, 18-ton fuel cell transport vehicles, street sweepers, 31-ton fuel cell dump trucks, and 49-ton fuel cell heavy-duty trucks.

Additionally, it can be used in diverse consumer and commercial sectors such as distributed combined heat and power systems, emergency backup power sources, and more.