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XJTU debuts "Great Educator" Drama Festival

April 19, 2023
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From April 14 to 16, Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) inaugurated the first "Great Educator" Drama Festival, presenting original dramas performed by students and teachers based on the university's remarkable historical educators including Qian Xuesen, Peng Kang, Zhong Zhaolin, Tang Wenzhi, Hou Zonglian, Huang Xichun, Zhou Huijiu, Yin Peipu, Chen Xuejun and Wu Zhifeng. The festival was widely acclaimed by students, alumni, and the wider community.

Qian Xuesen, a renowned alumnus who is dubbed "the father of China's missile and space program" was portrayed in a poignant drama entitled "Homecoming", which depicted the many obstacles he faced on his journey back to China.


 A stage photo from "Homecoming"

The teachers and students from the School of Marxism Studies and Pengkang College jointly brought the play "To Where the Motherland Needs it Most" to the audience. It’s the story of Peng Kang, who led the university westward on its relocation journey. 


A stage photo from "To Where the Motherland Needs it Most"

The teachers and students of the School of Electrical Engineering performed the play "Opening the Way for Domestic Electric Machines" based on Professor Zhong Zhaolin,the "father of Chinese electric machines". It depicts the magnificent story of his dedication to the westward relocation.


A stage photo from "Opening the Way for Domestic Electric Machines"