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April 04, 2023
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Office of the CPC XJTU Committee and the President's Office

Tel: +86-029-82668231

Fax: +86-029-83234781

Email: office@mail.xjtu.edu.cn

Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges

Tel: +86- 029-82668236

Fax: +86-029-83231169

Email: chenping@xjtu.edu.cn

School of International Education

Tel: +86-29-82665923

Email: sie-xjtu@xjtu.edu.cn

Website: http://sie.xjtu.edu.cn/en/index.htm

Department of Human Resources

Tel: +86-029-82668361

Fax: +86-029-82663876

Institute of Science & Technology

Tel: +86-29-82668330   +86-29-82665700

Email: med@xjtu.edu.cn

Fax: +86-29-83234772

Department of Social Sciences Research

Tel: +86-029-82665687

Email: meihong@xjtu.edu.cn

The Undergraduate School

Tel: +86-029- 82668919

Email: dean@xjtu.edu.cn

The Graduate School

Tel: +86-029-88968301

Email: hongchun@mail.xjtu.edu.cn