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XJTU makes breakthroughs in fuel conversion and power storage

March 19, 2023
  L M S

Researchers from Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) have summarized the development of the integration of perovskite solar cell-driven electrochemical fuel conversion, electrocatalytic reduction, and electrical energy storage systems, published in the international top journals Advanced Materials and Advanced Functional Materials.

It was a collaborative effort among the university's researcher Liang Chao, Professor Yang Shengchun, and Professor Xing Guichuan from the University of Macau. 

Two papers were published, titled respectively Perovskite Solar Cell Powered Integrated Fuel Conversion and Energy Storage Devices and Recent Progress in Perovskite-Based Reversible Photon–Electricity Conversion Devices.


Utilizing the technology of electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen coupled with fuel cells, energy storage and conversion between electrical energy and chemical energy can be achieved. This is an effective solution to problems such as the waste of excess solar and wind power in the development of green energy. The design and preparation of efficient and low-cost electrolysis catalysts is key to improving energy conversion efficiency and promoting the application of this technology.


Yang and Associate Professor Wang Bin have designed a Nd0.1RuOx oxygen evolution catalyst based on the d-band center theory that can operate with stability in acidic electrolytes.

This study provides a new approach to the design of oxygen evolution reaction catalysts in acidic electrolytes by designing the electronic structure of RuO2. 

The results of the research were recently published in the internationally renowned journal Advanced Functional Materials, in a paper titled Optimizing the Electronic Structure of Ruthenium Oxide by Neodymium Doping for Enhanced Acidic Oxygen Evolution Catalysis.