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XJTU discovers immunological mechanisms associated with opioid addiction

January 24, 2023
  L M S

Focusing on how peripheral immunity affects central nervous activity, Zhu Yongsheng's research team from the School of Medicine & Forensics of Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) tried to clarify the relationship and mechanism between peripheral immunity and addictive behavior.


Their research results, titled Opioid-induced fragile-like regulatory T cells contribute to withdrawal, have been published in the top journal Cell.

 Through mass spectrometry flow cytometry, immunoomics, transcriptome sequencing, and flow cytometry, researchers have found that the low immunity of people with addiction is mainly related to the excessive exhaustion of immune cells.

This study reveals how the peripheral immune microenvironment of opioid addiction regulates central neurons, and is expected to treat opioid addiction through immune intervention.