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Message from the President

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New Year Greetings to XJTU Alumni

Dear XJTU faculty, students, alumni and friends,

As the bell tolls for the year 2023, on behalf of Xi'an Jiaotong University, we extend our sincerest greetings and warmest wishes to all faculty, staff, retired comrades, alumni at home and abroad, and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the development of our university.

The year 2022 was an extremely important year in the history of the Communist Party of China and the country. Guided by the thoughts of the Party, we thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, kept in mind our mission to nurture talents for the Party and the country, carried out the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education, and served the high-level development of science and technology with self-reliance and self-improvement. The successful convening of the 13th Party congress of our university has brought together the strong forces of all XJTU members to accelerate our journey towards building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics.

In this year, we coordinated the work of safety, stability, and epidemic prevention and control, always putting the safety and health of teachers and students first. With a sense of responsibility that we could never be too cautious and a spirit of daring to fight, we carried out epidemic prevention and control, safety management, and stability maintenance in a scientific, accurate, and efficient way, and formed an emergency response mechanism of "unified command, quick response, coordinated and orderly operation, and high efficiency." With steadfast confidence, unity, mutual support, and concerted efforts, we ensured that the epidemic was prevented, the university ran normally, and the campus was safe.

In this year, we continued to improve the mechanism of "comprehensively promoting quality education and cultivating well-rounded talents," promoted the coordinated development of schools and colleges, and deepened the construction of the Base for Cultivating Top-notch Students in Basic Disciplines 2.0. We strengthened the connotation construction of the National Innovation Platform (Center) for Industry-Education Integration of Energy Storage Technology, the School of Future Technology, and the School of Modern Industry, implemented the "Millions of Talents Training Plan for Engineering Excellence," and promoted the integration of teaching and research, cross-disciplinary research, integration of industry, education and research, collaborative education, and joint research and development. 21 new undergraduate majors have been added, bringing the total to 61. The employment rate of our graduates reached 98.66%. Our students won the third place in the CUBA National Finals and the championship in the National College Students English Speaking Contest.

In this year, we adhered to the "four orientations" and strengthened organized scientific research guided by national strategic needs. Breakthroughs were achieved in the construction of national major scientific and technological infrastructure, military-civilian integration demonstration platforms, national medical centers, and national medical research and development innovation platforms. Outstanding achievements were made in the reorganization and construction of national key laboratories and national engineering research centers. We jointly established 50 school-enterprise integration and innovation consortia with leading enterprises and research institutes. The number of important scientific research projects approved, such as the national key R&D programs and national major projects, has reached a new high. A batch of important scientific research results have been applied in satellite navigation, large aircraft manufacturing, nuclear power technology, new energy technology, and the Winter Olympics, actively serving the strategies of rural revitalization and healthy China. One think tank was selected for the CTTI Top 100 A+ List.

This year, we implemented the "Cross-disciplinary Plan for Basic Subjects", launched the "Cross-disciplinary Information Platform", strengthened the cultivation of basic subject talents, basic research, and basic subject construction, and achieved outstanding results in disciplinary construction. Eight disciplines were selected for the "double first-class" construction discipline list, 17 ESI top 1% disciplines, five disciplines entered the top 1‰, and one discipline entered the top ten-thousandth. A high-level public health school was approved for construction by the university. We explored the flexible talent introduction mode of "school recruitment, enterprise supply, government assistance, collaborative use, and multi-side win-win", added 61 national-level talents, and one team was selected for the "National Huang Danian-style Teacher Team" among universities. The XJTU-POLIMI Joint School of Design was approved for cooperation and enrollment, and the construction of the University Alliance of the Silk Road was deepened, leading the higher education exchange and cooperation under the "Belt and Road" initiative.

This year, we promoted the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party to deepen, earnestly implemented the president responsibility system under the leadership of the CPC XJTU committee, and constructed a top-down implementation and a bottom-up decision-making process to ensure the implementation of the Party Central Committee's decision-making deployments without compromise. We continued to carry out the "Work Style Construction Year" and "I Do Practical Things for Teachers and Students" practical activities, innovated measures to solve problems, promoted the deep integration of Party building and business, resolutely rectified the formalism and bureaucracy that have become commonplace, and promoted the comprehensive prevention of corruption and the creation of a good political ecology with a clear and positive atmosphere.

We are also aware of the shortcomings in our work and will take effective measures to solve them. 2023 is the opening year for the comprehensive implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and it is also a crucial year for the university to promote the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) and the construction of the "double first-class". We must comprehensively implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress, carry forward the spirit of the westward relocation, follow the Party's command, look at Xi'an Jiaotong University from an international perspective, from a national strategy perspective, and from a perspective outside the university, constantly open up new fields and new tracks of development, shape new dynamics and advantages, and contribute more wisdom and strength to the comprehensive construction of a great modern socialist country and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

We sincerely thank everyone for their hard work and selfless dedication in the past year! The current epidemic situation is still severe and complicated. Please be sure to take personal protective measures. Let us fight the epidemic together, join hands towards the future, and create new achievements!

Bless Xi'an Jiaotong University, bless everyone, happy New Year, and may you be healthy and safe!