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XJTU student comes third place in 'Masters of the Future Award'

July 04, 2022
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Niu Yuchen, a master student of Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU), came third place of the "Masters of the Future Award", one of the most famous original science fiction awards in China.

Niu's work stood out from 919 stories, going on to claim third prize. The story is about an ordinary couple facing aging and extinction together, and the choices they make for each other in an era when human beings initially realize the dream of "longevity" through genetic technology.

"We live in a time of constant change, and science fiction is a literature that echoes it. Although my creative experience is still very limited, I believe that in the reading of fragmented information, science fiction will bring a new direction for future literature," said Niu.

Niu majors in Journalism and Communication, and his tutor is Wang Yao, dean of the Chinese Literature Department, who is mainly engaged in science fiction literature and cultural research.

Founded in 2012, this award has attracted the largest number of short and medium-length stories submitted in China, with the aim of discovering and cultivating new sci-fi writers.