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XJTU wins first place in national course-design competition

May 31, 2022
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Three teams from Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) delivered performances marvelous enough to gain one first prize and two second prizes in the 9th National Experimental Teaching Case Design Competition for Basic Electrical and Electronic Courses, the only course-design competition for electronic engineering nationwide. 

The competition, held online, attracted 609 teams, with 125 of them making it to the finals. Three outstanding students, Gao Xinyue, Luo Xianjue, and Shen Yao from the School of Electrical Engineering of XJTU, were awarded first place in the competition for their spectacular work Design and Implementation of Resonant Overvoltage Detection Alarm Circuits, an integrated experimental program targeted at more than 1,700 students in electronic related majors.

The program is committed to offering a helping hand to students to accomplish engineering applications, and to learn, consolidate and expand their circuit-related expertise and enhance their ability to undertake experimental projects with electrical engineering methods. 

Moreover, Zhang Cuicui, Zhang Yu and Zhang Shijiao from the Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering of XJTU were granted second prizes for the work Design and Implementation of a Multifunctional Electronic Combination Lock and the work Basic Knowledge of Digital Door Devices

The competition was organized by the Chinese Institute of Electronics and the Joint Association of the National Demonstration Center for Experimental Education, co-organized by Siglent Technologies Co., Ltd., and hosted by Beijing Information Science and Technology University.

The annual competition calls for self-learning, self-exploring, mastering of expertise, and consolidation of experimental methods.