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Drama series Great Men performed at XJTU

May 10, 2022
  L M S

An original drama series Great Men was initiated on May 9 at Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU).  


The name of the drama series, Great Men, refers to nine outstanding scholars: Zhong Zhaolin (expert in electrical engineering), Peng Kang (president of XJTU, 1952-1968), Hou Zonglian (physiologist and medical educator), Zhou Huijiu (metallic material scientist), Chen Xuejun (thermodynamic engineer), Tang Wenzhi (president of XJTU, 1907-1920), Huang Xichun (expert in the electromagnetic field), Wu Zhifeng (expert in machinery manufacturing), and Qian Xuesen (aerodynamicist, and the father of China's missile and space program).

The performance found its inspiration from venerable scholars of XJTU. Not only does it allow the audiences a glimpse of the school's glowing and glorious history, but bring to life the scholars' spectacular contributions to the whole nation.