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School of Nursing

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With 20 years history, School of Nursing, Xi'an Jiaotong University is one of the best places to provide university-based nursing education programs in China. The main purpose of the School is to educate modern nurses who can play important parts in nursing administration, nursing education, nursing research, advanced clinical nursing and community health nursing.

School of Nursing was established in March, 1987. In 1993, Xi'an Jiaotong University collaborated with Chiang Mai University in Thailand to conduct the Program of High Nursing Education Development (POHNED), supported by the China Medical Board of New York. This program is the milestone of Chinese higher nursing education, having a profound influence on the development of professional nursing in China. Graduates from the School are playing significant and leading roles in the nursing profession. In 2008, a six-year program was launched in order to be congruent with the development of nursing. Since 2009, a new collaborated bachelor program has been established with Japan. From 2014, the School has started to recruit international students from the countries along the Belt and Road.

We have established stable research pathways on mental and psychological nursing, community nursing, geriatric nursing, adult nursing, obstetric and gynecologic nursing and other research fields. In the past five years, the School has obtained more than 100 scientific research projects, including 7 national-level projects, 11 provincial-level projects, and many other projects. The total research funding is more than 10 million yuan. More than 200 papers in core journals have been published and 112 papers have been included in SCI. A total of 54 patents have been obtained. 3 national scientific and technologic awards have been achieved, and 1 monograph has been published. Our faculty staff served as the deputy editors and editorial board of three internationally renowned journals, the member of the postgraduate steering committee of the Ministry of Education for a master's degree in medicine, the member of the nursing teaching steering committee of colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education. There are also 8 chairmen and deputy chairmen of the national first and secondary societies.


E-mail: roselee@xjtu.edu.cn; guoqian3@xjtu.edu.cn.