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School of Energy and Power Engineering

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Website of the School: http://epe.xjtu.edu.cn/home.htm

Established in Shanghai in 1921, and relocated to Xi'an in 1956, the School of Energy and Power Engineering initiated engineering specialties such as boilers, steam turbines, automobile manufacturing, compressors, and refrigeration and cryogenics. The school's discipline of energy and power engineering is the earliest and most well-established in China. With the aim of cultivating internationally first-class talents who have a sense of social responsibility, international vision and excellent professional knowledge, and who can lead the development of science and technology, the school enrolls high-quality students, focuses on basic education, implements high teaching standards, and combines theory with practice. 

The school's programs include disciplines such as power engineering and engineering thermophysics, nuclear science and technology, and environmental engineering, as well as four research directions in the basic theory of engineering thermophysics, energy science and technology frontiers, energy power equipment, and energy power systems. The discipline of power engineering and engineering thermophysics was rated as one of China's world-class disciplines and an A+ discipline by the Ministry of Education, and the discipline of nuclear science and technology ranks 3rd in the country. 

A total of 1,800 undergraduate students and 2,600 graduate students, including 143 international students, are enrolled in the school. And 417 faculty members are employed in the school, including three academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. With 10 bases for national scientific research, teaching demonstration and international science and technology cooperation, the school has won four national teaching outcome awards and 10 national science and technology achievement awards in the past 5 years, and is now operating the NSFC's basic science center program of orderly energy transformation.

As the director of the Higher Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, the school leads the establishment of requirements and standards for talents cultivation in the discipline, guides education transformation, and creates new specialties such as new energy science and engineering and energy storage science and engineering, becoming a model for cultivating talents that meet the needs of society. 

The school also serves as the vice-director of the Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics, the Chinese Society of Power Engineering, and the Chinese Society of Refrigeration. Seventy-four faculty members have served in international academic organizations and 89 on international journals. The school has hosted five high-level serial international meetings, and initiated the energy branch of the Universities Alliance of the Silk Road, which has been joined by 60 colleges and universities from 22 countries.