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Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering

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The history of the faculty is traced back to the Electrical Engineering program of the university established in 1908. With its development over a century, the faculty now covers almost all fields and emerging frontiers of electronic and information engineering including eight schools:

●The School of Electronic Science and Engineering

●The School of Microelectronics

●The School of Information and Communications Engineering

●The School of Automation Science and Technology

●The School of Computer Science and Technology

●The School of Artificial Intelligence

●The School of Cyber Science and Technology

●The School of Software Engineering

Under the administration of the eight schools, there are also more than 20 affiliated research institutes and centers. The faculty offers seven undergraduate disciplines plus several special talent programs and five graduate programs: the electronic science and technology, information and telecommunication engineering, control science and engineering, computer science and technology, and cyber science and technology all with MS and PhD degrees and postdoctoral programs. 

There are 435 faculty members including 107 professors, 134 associate professors, and 33 research scientists and senior engineers. Among them there are 10 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and US National Academy of Science and US National Academy of Engineering, eight IEEE Fellows. Many faculty members are awarded distinguished chair-professorship, talent-tittles, international and national honors, etc.  

Over the past five years, the faculty has undertaken over 1600 research projects, including more than 630 research projects and many are highly competitive such as the 973 Basic Research Program, 863 High-Tech Development Program, Natural Science Foundation of China, National Key Projects, etc. In addition, the faculty has published more than 3,500 papers in prominent international journals and conferences , and more than 120 books. The faculty has earned nine national awards, and 61 provincial and ministerial in science and technology and are granted with 741 patents. The faculty offers a vibrant research environment and plays an active role in world science and engineering.

The faculty values the education of fundamental knowledge, skills and capability for innovation. At present the faculty enrolls over 5338 students including 3095 undergraduate students, 1489 MS students and 754 Ph.D. students. The faculty also admits part-time Master of Engineering students for continuing education.

There are many world-class research and education centers with first class facilities including 1 state key lab, 2 state engineering labs, 1 national engineering and technology research center, 3 MOE key labs, 4 Shaanxi key labs, 2 national experimental and teaching demonstration centers, the national integrated circuit talent education center, and the national virtualization and simulation experimental and teaching center. The faculty has several distinguished teaching and research teams with the national and provincial level honors including 3 National Natural Science Foundation innovative teams, 2 national outstanding teaching teams, 1 international outstanding collaborative team, 2 disciplinary innovation and talent with international collaboration and 5 Shaanxi outstanding teaching teams. 



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