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Jinhe Center For Economic Research

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Website of the Center: http://jinhe.xjtu.edu.cn/Englishx.ht

J.C.E.R(Jinhe Center for Economic Research), Xi'an Jiaotong University, was established in June of 1997, under the joint efforts of Prof. Yusen Kwoh, Prof. Chuntien Hu and a group of distinguished scholars from Taiwan. 

Research at JCER aims to develop innovative solutions to the world's economic puzzles and issues with both economic theories and quantitative research methods. Research fields include Trade Policy, Financial Analysis, Economic Forecasts, Resource and Environmental Economics, and Economic History, Public Finance, Economic Growth, Health Economics etc.

JCER offers degree education at different levels in economics with multiple curricula and teaching materials adopted from leading international graduate programs in economics. Bilingual instructions are given by well-known faculties from both China and abroad. JCER is committed to a high-standard of education and rigorous academic research. Both theoretical learning and training emperical ablility are emphasized at JCER.

With the advanced innovative education concept, JCER has achieved fruitful results in the past decades. In the longer term, JCER will continue its endeavor to realize the dream and mission, that is, to be the purest institution for economic learning and research, and the cradle of future outstanding economists. JCER will perform its duty and fulfill the obligations to cultivate talents and promote the development of the disciplines of theoretical and applied economics.