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Office of Procurement and Bidding Management

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Established in June 2011, the Office of Procurement and Bidding Management is a functional department of the university responsible for procurement and bidding management. It is also an office under the university’s leading group for procurement, which manages the procurement and bidding of the university’s goods, services and projects.

Its main responsibilities are as follows:

1. Implementing the Government Procurement Law, the Bidding Law and related laws and regulations;

2. Establishing and improving the university’s regulations and working procedures for procurement and bidding management;

3. Responsible for the daily work of the university’s leading group for procurement;

4. Organizing centralized government procurement;

5. Organizing the implementation of bidding and procurement of goods and services of 500,000 yuan and above, projects of 200,000 yuan and above, and designated procurement of small repair projects of 30,000 to 200,000 yuan;

6. Responsible for the review and filing of procurement contracts;

7. Responsible for the supervision and management of fulfillment and acceptance of the university's procurement projects;

8. Responsible for the management of importing goods and the declaration of tax reduction and exemption;

9. Implementing filing and supervision of the procurement projects of goods and services of 100,000-500,000 yuan by division-level units;

10. Building and managing the university's procurement review expert database and supplier information database;

11. Responsible for the informatization construction of procurement management, intra-university bidding procurement network, online shopping mall operation and maintenance management, etc.

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