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Department of Human Resources

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Key Responsibilities of the Human Resources Department 

XJTU’s Human Resources Department (HRD) is under the leadership of the XJTU Board and Council and is responsible for formulating and developing human resource strategies and performing relevant administrative duties on the university’s behalf. Aiming to achieve “great minds for great university” and building high-level talent teams that characterize a world first-class university, the HRD focuses on implementing the university’s talent development strategy, formulating talent recruitment policies, recruiting high-level talents, managing relevant affairs, and reforming and updating the recruitment system.   

HRD has offices for distinguished faculty affairs management, talent development, personnel management, general affairs service, social insurance management, and so on to administer, assume relevant responsibilities, and provide services according to the university’s policies and strategies. It provides strong human resources guarantees for the university’s teaching, scientific research, and social services.


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