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School of Chemical Engineering and Technology

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Website of the School: http://clet.xjtu.edu.cn/english/Home.htm

The School of Chemical Engineering and Technology consists of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and the Department of Process Equipment and Control Engineering. Its affiliate - the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology- consists of the Institute of Chemical Engineering,  the Institute of Chemical Machinery, the Institute of Industrial Catalysis, the Institute of Polymer Chemistry, and the Institute of Delivery Enhancement. It has a first-level doctoral discipline in chemical engineering and a second-level doctoral discipline in chemical machinery.

The School currently has 130 faculty members, including one academician of two academies (Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering), one winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and seven national youth talent scholars. It has national, provincial and ministerial-level scientific research bases, including a first-level discipline post-doctoral research station of chemical engineering and technology, the key laboratory of energy and chemical process enhancement of Shaanxi Province, and the key laboratory of coal-based carbon materials of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.

In recent years, the School has been serving the major needs of the country, the region and the industry, and has taken the lead in the establishment of the Chemical Engineering Sub-Alliance of the University Alliance of the Silk Road University. It strives to become a world-class platform for chemical and equipment innovation talent training, technological innovation and achievement transformation, as well as international cooperation and exchange. In 2020, its chemical discipline ranked 29th in the world and 12th in China in the global ranking of academic subjects released by Shanghai Ranking.

Affiliated Institutions: Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology