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School of Aerospace Engineering

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Website of the School: http://sae.xjtu.edu.cn/ywzy/About_Us.htm

The School of Aerospace Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University, established on April 10, 2005. Today, it is a vigorous school with two departments, one state key laboratory and one national-level education center. The school consists of Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineering and Department of Engineering Mechanics. It hosts the State Key Laboratory for Strength and Vibration of Mechanical Structures (SVL) and the National Mechanics Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. There are also International Center for Applied Mechanics and International Center for Engineering Education. The School offers doctoral programs in Mechanics, Aerospace Science and Technology (both are first-level disciplines), as well as postdoctoral program in Mechanics. It also provides Master's programs in Aerospace Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering. Recently, the Mechanics discipline of XJTU has been selected as "the First-Level Discipline Plan" during Double First Class University Plan of China. The Mechanics discipline of XJTU ranked No. 1 in 2017 among the Mechanics disciplines of all universities in China according to ARWU. 

At present, the school has approximately 179 faculty and staff members, including 49 professors, 44 associate professors and 10 lecturers. Most of faculty members obtained their PhD degrees from top universities and institutions, such as: Harvard University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of Tokyo, Columbia University, National University of Singapore, Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University etc.

With the mission of serving the nation and society with high level education and scientific research, the school strives to prepare students to deal with major aerospace engineering challenges of the future in a sustainable manner by providing high quality, innovative educational programs and offering interdisciplinary /multidisciplinary research opportunities. Innovative programs, cutting edge research, leading faculty and aspiring students, all these elements have been brought together in a dynamic and supportive environment by the School at Xi'an Jiaotong University to open up a world of possibilities.