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Curator:  Jia Shenli    Tel: 82667953

E-mail:  director@mail.lib.xjtu.edu.cn 

Office Address: The Library     Tel: 82668101


The predecessor of Xi'an Jiaotong University Library (XJTU Library) was the book collection building of Nanyang Public School founded in Shanghai in 1896. The XJTU Library consists of three parts now: Hsue-shen Tsien Library in Xingqing campus, library in Yanta campus , and iHarbour Library.


The XJTU library supports the university to become one of the world-class university: strengthen the construction of literature resources to ensure scientific research and learning, provide information services to serve discipline development, create diversified spaces for talent cultivation, enrich cultural activities and promote cultural heritage.


By the end of 2020, the XJTU Library has accumulated more than 5.76 million books (pieces), 330 electronic databases, more than 1.65 million e-books and nearly 100,000 kinds of electronic journals, and formed a multi-disciplinary literature and information resources guarantee system focusing on science, engineering, management, literature, medicine and finance. It provides one-stop discovery of academic resources and acquisition services for teachers and students, realizes mobile library services and remote access services anytime and anywhere, and provides information and intelligence decision support services for the university.


The XJTU Library has opened up a variety of Spaces, such as iLibrary Space, PBL Space, Economist Space, Sunshine Salon, Book Cafe, 24-hour self-study space, Theme Culture Space Exhibition, Star theme Lecture Hall, Hsue-shen Tsien's scientific spirit and educational thought exhibition, etc. Through which, the library realized the cultural education function.


The XJTU library is strive to become the resource center, learning center, exchange center and cultural center of Xi’an Jiaotong University.