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Department of Social Sciences Research

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On June 3, 2016, XJTU issued the establishment of the Department of Social Sciences Research. As a secondary independent agency for management service, it takes charge of the scientific research management and service of the university in the field of humanities and social sciences. It consists of the General Management Office, the Office of Project Management, the Office of Achievements Management & Base Construction, and the Office of Horizontal Research & Social Services.

The main functions of the Department of Social Sciences Research are: make plans and related actions for the scientific research development of humanities and social sciences according to the national policies and university development goals, and be responsible for the implementation; take charge of the construction of key research institutions and think tank on art, cooperate with relevant departments in promoting the development of humanities and social sciences; be responsible for the arts research management, and planning, application and management of projects and achievement awards at all levels; be responsible for international and horizontal scientific research cooperation, achievements promotion and transformation, scientific collaboration, communication and social services; take charge of the financial budget and final accounts of scientific research funds; be responsible for the experts promotion, publicity, and news edition, as well as various data analysis and information construction in relation to humanities and social sciences.